AR-S Spinner Trout Model

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Condition: New
Body Length: 10mm (2.0g / 2.1g) / 14mm (3.5g) / 17mm (4.5g)
Weight: 2.0g (single hook) / 2.1g /3.5g / 4.5g
Type: Sinking

Amazing blade rotation performance

What the AR-S wanted was a stunning blade rotation performance that would turn from the spot where it landed.

The "AR-S blade", which generates a strong vibration, has a stable rotation ability even in a water basin with a strong push, and demonstrates its performance immediately after landing, appealing to the target quickly. The AR-S blade has a slight rise at its edge to assist in improving the blade's rotational performance and helping it to rise quickly.

One of the features is that it can produce left and right slides by twitch in response to rod work during reeling.

In addition to enabling fishing at short distances, the adoption of a rolling swivel shaft incorporating a swivel structure has also succeeded in reducing thread twist. In addition, the thread shape is reduced by providing a stable body shape with a low center of gravity teardrop type and a clearance between the body and the shaft.