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Condition: New
Body Length: 67mm (18g) / 83mm (24g)
Weight: 18g / 24g
Type: Sinking

Masterpiece spoon arranged for Japan !

The body base of the lure is plated with pure gold and silver in Japan to make it shine even more, and the lure comes in a variety of colors that are popular in rivers in Japan. In addition, we have prepared a variety of colors that can be used in different field conditions depending on water quality and time of year.
By placing the ring eye on the end of the main body as much as possible, it is now possible to reduce the size of split rings (#4 can be attached), which used to be impossible to attach.
The "Buch Japan" uses a #4 ring size. This reduces the risk of the loop eye of the shure hook getting into the gap between the rings. The #4 ring size also allows for the use of ordinary split ring pliers, making it easier to change hooks. The #4 size also allows the use of ordinary split ring pliers, making it very easy to change hooks. Since it is hookless, you can use your favorite hooks.