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Color: Large Mouth Bass / Small Mouth Bass
Length: 50.0mm
Weight: about 7g
Type: Floating (horizontal float)
Material: Foaming Resin (Body) , Glass Eye (Eye)

This hand making popper, DEAD POP 50 is just 50mm length,
though it has heavy weight to other same size popper.
It easily can be cast by using bait casting tackle.
The attached hook has thick shaft for saltwater spec.
Common same size popper don't have this kind of strong hook,
their hook is more weak and poor strength for big and saltwater fish. As the result, neither break nor bend even while big fighting against 50cm over huge bass.
About the action, basically the same as bigger DEAD POP 85,
while walking, it acts twist with fluttering so that the flashing is work for bites. The table turn at the spot is also possible.
As much as possible to increase the bite chance, it moves less distance. For that action setting, it had been testing by using the tough tackle setting, as 8.0ft Medium Heavy rod and nylon 16lb, on purpose. We believe that anyone have that action easily with your favorite tackle. DEAD POP 50 has a 2 kind of mouth, it can make a various big and small popping sound and splashes.
This unique designed mouth creates a natural popping sound.
It isn't exaggerated.

The more further information is as below.