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Length: 180mm
Weight: about 57g (Slow Floating / Slow Sinking )
Type: Slow Floating / Slow Sinking
Material: Foaming Resin (Body), Glass Eye (Eye), EVA (Tail)
1 spare tail included

The basic method of use is a slow or normal retrieve. A light twitch can also be used for an underwater dogwalk action. It is not a loose trajectory type, this is a tight glide bait (S-stroke type). Due to the fact that it is handmade, the weight of the product is uneven. In the case of the slow floating type, there are rare cases where the bait is close to suspending. Since the floating and sinking action varies depending on the water temperature and other factors, please adjust the setting to your preference by attaching a weight with adhesive, changing the size of the hook or split ring, etc.
The tail is very sensitive to heat, so please keep it away from high temperatures and in a place where the tail will not bend.

The more further information is as below.