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Johnny Surface Crank

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Color: Blue Gill / Green Gill
Length: 60mm
Weight: about 13g
Type: Floating (floating diagonally above the head)
Material: Foaming Resin (Body) , Glass Eye (Eye)

About seven years ago, Mr. Tanaka, a pro who is active in the Masters tournament, was fishing the Seirenji Dam chapter in September and could not catch any fish no matter what he tried. When he casted this lure, he caught a lot of bass and took third place, which is the basis of this lure.
This lure is an improved version of the winning lure from that time.

Although it is only 60mm long, it has a weight of 13 grams, so it can fly a long way.
It can be used by simply reeling with a normal retrieve, and its round shape makes it strong enough to push water and attract fish.

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