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Condition: Unused
Length: 55mm
Weight: 8.5g
Type: Floating

While the HAMA CRANK 62 MR is a crankbait developed for use in Lake Biwa, the "CO HAMA", as the name suggests, is a crankbait designed for use on spinning tackle and for fishing in closed and small areas.

Designed with an emphasis on flying distance in spite of its compact body It enables anglers to pursue action of a higher rank and realize the potential of the lure that goes beyond mere downsizing.
Like the HAMA CRANK 62 MR, it can efficiently convert water pressure into crank action (wobbling) even on a slow retrieve, and it is also designed to be balanced for high-speed retrieves. In other words, despite its compact body, the lure appeals strongly even in tough conditions, and can induce bites even from nervous fish that have stopped using their mouths.

Hard Fluttering System
When the lure comes in contact with the bottom of the water or an obstacle, the lure will lose its posture and become what is called "fluttering". At that time, the weight in the front part of the body is semi-fixed to the concave part on the side to keep the lure in the "fluttering" state for a long time. Also, by stirring the rod tip and forcing the lure into the "fluttering" position, the lure will show irregular movements.