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Condition: Used
Length: 62mm
Weight: 10g
Type: Floating

One of the requirements for a good fishing lure is a lure that moves well with a small distance to travel, as it is often used for shore fishing against nervous bass. The lure is set up based on the concept of "using all water pressure as wobbling energy" while sacrificing distance.

The long lip is designed for action, not for diving, and the edge of the lip is tapered to the utmost thinness, and the flowing body line allows the water flow to escape to the rear without any load during the action, while the narrowed tail swings from side to side with good response. In order to eliminate even the slightest resistance, the body surface is flush surfaced without gills or other moldings in pursuit of "0" energy loss.

Haruhiko Murakami's first crank bait, which has been refined and balanced down to the finest detail, has succeeded in clearing the difficult task of demonstrating 100% of the lure's potential at 80% of retrieve speed. This wide range of retrieve speed, from low to high speed, will be a great advantage for anglers. It moves well in response to even the slightest rod work or water flow, and its sharp action is clearly felt on the rod tip even when pulled slowly.

For example, for bass in the middle range of 1 to 3m depth, use a slow to medium retrieve. On a hard bottom, such as rip rap, dive to the bottom at once to make contact with the bottom and manipulate the lure like a worm to appeal to the bass' exploration instinct. In rivers, cast the lure up-cross and manipulate it like a U-shape in the area you want to target. Another effective method is to make the lure act only with running water.
Another effective small technique is "walking the dog in the water" with the rod tip while using the lure's sharp movement.