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Condition: Used
Length: 92mm
Weight: 15g
Type: Floating

Using the motif of the lotus (ketabass) that inhabits the Lake Biwa system, we designed this fish trap based on the idea that lateral lines and visual appeal are important to trigger fish to use their mouths.
In order to maximize the cup sound, which is a characteristic of bug lures, its posture on the surface of the water is set at 45°.
The combination of the cup and the flattened body that cuts toward the tail allows the lure to produce more sharp bug action (such as a table turn by twitching) with less moving distance.

The one-piece molded cup with cubic curvature successfully reduces aerodynamic drag, which is the greatest impediment to flying distance, by keeping the projected area small while securing the surface area related to water bite.

The four weights generate a complex mixed metronome sound due to the different widths of each weight room and the central groove, which differs in travel distance and rolling resistance.