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Condition: Used
Length: 73mm
Weight: 4.7g
Type: Suspend

Easy Do Jerk !

Minnows in the 7cm class are a perfect match for baitfish regardless of the field or season, and can sometimes produce explosive catches. However, the slender silhouette of minnows makes it difficult to secure sufficient weight, making it difficult to cast, and it can only be handled properly with spinning tackle.
The "Asura O.S.P Durga 73" can be handled with bait fish tackle to cope with situations where not only competitive minnows in the same class are used but also shallow-range shad.
It is a standard minnow.
It has the highest level of casting distance in its class, which is essential for long approaches to minimize pressure, shooting at distant target spots on land, and searching for feeding spots such as sand bars over a wide area. For the 7cm class, which is used more frequently under high pressure, a magnetic center-of-gravity shifting system has been adopted for the first time in the Asura series to prevent excessive rattle effects from the moving weight ball. The #8 hooks make it possible to play minnows with bait fishing tackle and thicker line around structures such as wave dissipating blocks, without the trouble of the hooks riding on the back. It reproduces the horizontal posture that baitfish swim in, making even sluggish bass bite without thinking. The high-pitch wobble roll, which can be used for both slow and fast retrieves, clearly transmits vibration to the rod tip, and if it picks up floating objects in the water, it transmits a sense of discomfort and allows the angler to accurately grasp the lure's condition. When the lure is twitched, it darts left and right with a sharp flashing motion, and sometimes it also shows an irregular darting motion where it moves up to the surface of the water while twisting itself to stimulate the bass' prey switch. The Durga is easy to use and has a high level of performance for catching fish, and will recreate the 7cm class minnow strategy.

■ Diving Depth
・Spinning tackle (using 4lb. fluorocarbon line)
    1.4m below the surface
・Bait finesse tackle (using 8lb fluorocarbon line)
    1.2m below the surface

Magnetic center of gravity shift

The 7cm class, which is more frequently used under high pressure, is equipped with a magnetic center-of-gravity shifting system, the first of its kind in the Asura series, to prevent excessive rattling effect of moving weight balls. The lure has a stable flying posture even when cast with light force, marking the highest level of casting distance in its class.

Full flat body

The flat side body, which is the DNA of the Asura series, is retained. Compared to the round body, it generates stronger flashing and water push, and contributes to longer casting distance by increasing the weight despite its slimness.