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Condition: New (box have some damages)
Length: 75.5mm
Weight: 3/4oz
Type: Sinking

Evolving seismic vibration

This brand new model inherits the genes of the original Vibration X, but adapts them to today's tough fields. The wobbling roll of the flat head creates an unprecedented high-pitch vibration and wild kicker action, and the large swing of the tail that agitates the water greatly surpasses the agitating power of the first generation, which was said to be wild. Its strong stimulation makes up for the feeding of neutral monsters. The new generation vibes have been awakened at last, with high range keeping power and the ability to perfectly trace the targeted range from ultra dead slow to super fast retrieve.

■ Ultra-low center of gravity weight (PAT.P)
■ Front hook / Katsuage #4, Rear hook / Katsuage #6
■ High appeal kicker action that agitates the water
■ Range keeping ability to attack from shallow to deep

The flat head catches the water flow and creates a wild wobbling action even on a very slow retrieve.

The perfect balance of water flow between the head and the edge tail enables the lure to maintain its range at all retrieve speeds.