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Condition: New
Length: 300mm
Weight: 6oz
Type: Floating

This fishing power is magical !

"Live feeling" of tremendous movement during fast retrieve
"Dynamic motion" during dead sticking
And the crazy “magical fishing method” called Eight Trap
Giant bait with these three magical powers

The super-high-speed retrieve that was not possible in the conventional giant bait is made possible by a multi-connection body, and the bait that escapes by keeping a stable swim posture even at high speed winding is produced to the utmost.
It kills the huge bass that reacts only to the fast movements hidden in the structure.
At the time of dead sticking, the multi-connection body and silicon tail produce a biological and glossy movement, and the bus is equipped with a 3-hook system that invites a slick huge bass and does not miss a short bite.
Eight trap fishing with particularly strong magic.

The fishing power that can completely defeat the huge bass that came to your feet and switch on all fish eaters that have completely given up until now is just magic.

"Giant bait's new frontier" to begin
There is no escape way for you who awakened !!!