Unused Rodeo 145

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Condition: Unused
Length: 145mm
Weight: 51g (with hooks and rings)
Type: Floating

The 145mm model of the "Rodeo" wood pencil plug, developed for luring bluefish such as yellowtail and tuna.
Combines the action to attract fish to the top of the water and the appeal of the wave action to make them use their mouths.
The sharp S-shaped trajectory and quick, flat action of the lure brings the target to the surface while dragging bubbles just below the surface of the water by the jerk and twitch inputs.
Colored with majolla paint for a lustrous green and purple color change on the back.
We hope you'll use it when targeting yellowtail and kingfish with light tackle.
The ST-66 #1/0 hook is recommended, but it can also be used with the ST-56 #2/0 hook, so if you are fishing with no drag load, we recommend you to use the penetrating power of the thin shaft.
Recommended for tuna and yellowtai game when the bait size is small!