Chinook S

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Condition: New
Length: about 52mm
Weight: 10.0g
Type: Sinking

Basic model of trout spoon

The 10g, 14g, and 17g Chinook S lures are designed for anglers who target big trout, especially cherry salmon, from the bottom. The lineup includes the OWNER S-61 single-hook specification, which has a form that is resistant to getting rooted in traces, a gape form that is easy to hold, and a cutting point facing the eye for solid hooking.
The shape is slender and thick-walled. It is a basic swimmer that has the three key elements of "flies well, sinks well, and swims well," making it a good first bait, but also one that can be relied on when the moment calls for it. It can be used in any conditions, such as fast currents, high speed retrieves, and deep water fishing.

Single Hook: OWNER S-61 #2