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Condition: Unused (Some scratches on the lip)
Length: 95mm
Weight: 8.8g
Type: Suspend

The thin lip set at a calculated angle allows the lure to attack any layer from 50 cm to 2 m below the surface, bringing a new world to the lure. On retrieve, the lure naturally dives deep, and when it reaches the desired depth, it continues jerking. This allows the lure to continue darting at the targeted depth for efficient fishing. The Silent-Gain-Oscillating Weight Oscillating (S-G.O.S.) mechanism, which oscillates the weight through a wire and eliminates the noise that occurs when the weight oscillates, provides destructive castability and a coating on the inside of the lure's body. In addition to the unique paint job that faithfully reproduces the bait, the unique sliminess of the inner surface paint makes the lure's silhouette look compact, and has the effect of making sluggish bass use the lure without hesitation. The lure can be jerked at a depth of 50 cm by jerking it as soon as it lands on the water, or it can be jerked at a maximum depth by retrieving it straight after landing, and it will continue darting at that depth (variable depth jerking bait). The compact size and wire construction of the Silent Oscillate System eliminates any unusual noises caused by the weighted ball, and is designed to be natural enough to attract bass that are conscious of small baits, which are common in early spring, and bass that are under high pressure or in low activity. Combined with a low-resistance lip, castability is superb. The tougher the conditions, the more difference it makes. This is a versatile minnow designed to the ultimate tournament specifications. The tougher the conditions, the more difference it makes. The wire-oscillating structure allows the weight to move through the wire, completely eliminating the sound of the weight ball rolling and rattling when the center of gravity is shifted. The shock absorber also reduces noises during jerking. These structures prevent bass from being unnecessarily alarmed even in tough conditions where even the slightest noise can be bothersome.

Variable depth of attack performance

The wide lip and slightly elevated eye create an action that causes the lure to dive when reeled in, but to stop diving down and fly sideways when twitched. This makes the 95SP a minnow with variable depth performance that can be used at a depth of approximately 50 cm when twitched immediately after landing on the water, and at a range of up to 2 m when reeled in several times and let it dive with a straight retrieve before starting to twitch.

Slim Body

The infinitely slender body is shaped to resemble the shape of a real baitfish, such as a wakasagi, and allows bass to use its mouth without feeling any discomfort. The body's slenderness may make anglers concerned about casting distance, but the Silent Center of Gravity Shift System makes it possible to cast long enough.

Silent Oscillating System
Instead of using a weight ball to shift the center of gravity, we have adopted a center-of-gravity shifting system in which the weight moves back and forth through a wire to achieve a smoother and more stable center-of-gravity shift. The shock absorbers installed in front of and behind the weight ball have succeeded in eliminating noise, and the tougher the conditions, the more obvious the difference will be in fishing results. The center-of-gravity shifting system with a wire structure that minimizes center-of-gravity shake helps to ensure castability, which is unimaginable given its body size.

IP (Inner Paint) Color

The IP (Inner Paint) method is a very elaborate painting process in which the lure is painted on the inner surface of the body before it is assembled, instead of the base color being painted on the outer surface of the body. The effect is very blurred, making the lure appear smaller in the water. This innovative coloring is very effective for catching bass that are hesitant to bite.