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Daiwa x Gan Craft Jointed Claw 148 Floating / Sinking

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Condition: New
Length: 148mm
Weight: 33g (Floating) / 35g (Sinking)
Type: Floating / Sinking

An essential S-shaped joint big bait indispensable for Ranker Hunt
DAIWA × GAN CRAFT collaboration model

A model in which Daiwa collaborated with Gan Craft's original
S-shaped joint big bait, Joined Claw.
The biggest feature of this lure, the "S-shaped action" that draws a large S-shaped trajectory just by winding, gives a strong virgin impact to the sea bass and brings it to the bite.
Of course, that's not all.
Various actions such as natural drift action by water current,
twitch, jerk, jumping from the bottom can be performed.
It is now one of the must-have lures for ranker hunting,
such as the large baitfish patterns and has a proven record in boat seabass games. Also interesting to use for offshore dolphins.
Bait tackle is recommended for tackle because there is some weight.
The 148 (= 148mm in total length) is an S-shaped action with a finer pitch than the 178 (= 178mm in total length),
and can be operated with a rod with M tone, making the tackle more versatile.