morethan SALT PENCIL 95F Limited Color

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Condition: New
Length: 95mm
Weight: 9.2g
Type: Floating

The original water-through-gill equipped pencil bait that is praised as "This is bait !"

It has a realistic baitfish-like appearance, excellent castability, and a variety of actions. Above all, the basic performance and realistic silhouette of the T.D. Salt Pencil, a gem of a pencil bait that has been praised as "This is bait" for its long track record, have been retained almost intact. The high hooking performance of the realistic slim body, the nimble dogwalk action created by the unique floating posture that produces weak baitfish, and the sweet splash and pop sound of the unique mouth and original water-through-gill structure attract fish eaters of all kinds. A wide variety of sizes, including the reinforced "HD (HEAVY DUTY)" body, make it suitable not only for sea bass, but also for light game such as barracuda, and black sea bream, as well as for dolphinfish and bluefish.