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Condition: New
Length: 97mm
Weight: 14.5g
Type: Slow Floating

Strong version with extra-thick hook and large ring as standard equipment, ideal for targeting big fish !

The Shoreline Shiner Z Vertis STG97F is based on the Shoreline Shiner Z97F, which has a good track record with lunker sea bass, yellowtail and sea bream that are reluctant to bite, and is a small floating minnow specially designed for big fish with buoyancy adjusted while equipped with an extra thick shaft hook and large ring.

Weight Setting

The hook and ring have been strengthened by changing the weight balance, while maintaining the original action and flying distance that make even large fish reluctant to bite.

Equipped with silent weight oscillating system

The tungsten weight wire oscillating mechanism common to the Z series is penetrated all the way to the rear end.
The flying distance is 62.5m Ave. Max: 65.5m (manufacturer's test).

Equipped with HGS (Hold Grabidy System)

The "HGS" holds the main weight in a simple manner.
When casting, the tungsten weight moves to the rear end on the "wire oscillating system. After landing on the water, the main shaft moves forward and is held at the front end when the retrieve is started to grab the water. The weight does not slide to the rear as much as the action of the lure, and the lure maintains its swim posture during retrieve and drift in river games, etc. The stable center of gravity provides high swimming ability that prevents the lure from being tossed around even in swift current, rough water, and fast retrieve.