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Condition: Unused
Length: 125mm
Weight: 27.5g
Type: Slow Sinking

Thorough pursuit of slow to medium response with heavy use, while setting slow sinking in pursuit of castability and range keeping performance. After a repetition of Mr.Onuma's outstanding experience and field tests, he arrived at a discerning “high pitch tight wobble roll action”. Even "free winding slow retrieve" produces firm pulling and strong flushing and vibration. In addition, the irregular slide action that is automatically created by the change in the flow gives time for feeding, and no special rod action input is required. Adopted a three-hook system that is compatible with low activity and severe seabass kiss bites (bites that prick with your mouth).

HGS (Hold Gravity System)
The tungsten weight, which moves to the rear of the lure on casting, moves forward on retrieve after landing, and is held forward by the holding parts on the upper front edge of the oscillate. Ideal for fishing in medium depths and underfoot in areas with high footholds such as rocky shores and embankments, as it is difficult for the weight to slide backwards with the degree of lure action, and you can maintain your swim position and get a bite when retrieving and drifting in rough water.

Silent Weight Oscillation System
The tungsten weighted wire oscillating mechanism common to the Z series is penetrated all the way to the rear end. Combined with the synergistic effect of the aero-lip structure and body shape, the lure achieves a stable flying posture and high castability that makes it hard to believe it is a long-lip diving minnow.

Aero Lip

The lip, which stabilizes your flight attitude, is completely hidden by the body, which reduces air resistance and gives you more distance to fly. When diving, the 125S-DR/145S-DR dives to a maximum of 2m, grabbing the water. A unique lip that conquers the different viscous resistance of air and water.

Bring the fish in, drive them crazy !
Rattle In version (Rattle In color only)

High Appeal Rattle Version
Rattles are built into the gills, which are the key point for fish, near the eyes, which are also bite markers.
A high pitched sound is produced by blending brass and glass rattles. It increases the fish's presence in the water and appeals to them. Ideal for the first cast in open areas, especially when fishing at sea, muddy tide, night game, or when fish are not shadowy. When anglers around you are using the normal set-upper, this lure will stand out and increase your chances of catching a fish.

Blue eyes rattle in
Easy to distinguish from normal in the case.