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Condition: New
Length: 44mm
Weight: 4.2g
Type: Sinking

High performance minnow with thoroughly sharpened basic performance

Our goal was to pursue a solid basic performance that would live up to the Silver Creek crown. The stable flight posture allows the angler to hit the pin spot without any blurring, and promises overwhelming casting distance even in large areas and midstream areas where long casting is required. The high response design responds faithfully to rod action on retrieve. Even for trout in short currents where retrieve time is limited, it produces more fluttering and turns on their fighting instincts in a short period of time. The aluminum finish gives the lure a luxurious appearance at a surprisingly low price, with the hope that many anglers will use it and love it for a long time. We hope that anglers will cast it without hesitation in various fields and enjoy aggressive minnowing.