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The next generation bait reel with a design concept that aims for long-lasting initial performance with HYPERDRIVE design is finally here.
Equipped with HYPERDRIVE digigear for increased strength and rotational feel, and HYPER ARMED HOUSING (Mg) for a lightweight body.
The flagship model, the popular STEEZ SV TW, is now available as a bait reel fully equipped with the latest technology.
The cast accuracy is also improved by the spool φ34mm SV BOOST spool, which can handle a wide range of lure weights from lightweight to heavyweight lures, and the new BOOST mechanism improves casting performance by increasing casting distance.

The HYPER DRIVE DIGIGEAR and PINION GEAR are the drive system, and the HYPER ARMED HOUSING and HYPER TUGH CLUTCH are the durability system.
The DAIWA dual-shaft reel incorporates all four of these technologies to lead the way in lure fishing for the next generation.
The HYPER DRIVE Digi-Gear has a pressure angle that aims to improve the meshing rate of the tooth flanks to establish an excellent rotational feeling and durability. The pinion gear and hyper-tough clutch form a powerful tag-team for unforeseen circumstances even under severe use conditions. The Hyper Armed housing wraps around all of these components and provides a sense of stability that only metal can provide.
No synergy can be shared without any of them. The realm of "hyper" beyond "super" can be realized when the four functions take full advantage of each other's strengths. The concept of the new DAIWA double-screw reel is not a trinity, but a quadrinity. The legend is about to begin again.

The drive gear is the key element in the drive section of a double-shaft reel. It is an incomparably large gear that is almost as tall as the entire chassis, and it goes without saying that its strength, durability, and transmission capacity increase in proportion to its size. What we at DAIWA turned our attention to as the next trial was the pressure angle between the drive gear and pinion gear. It is not enough to simply have fine tooth surfaces. The search for the right pressure angle is the only way to achieve both higher strength and a better feeling of rotation.


The pinion gear is the intermediate shaft that supports the drive gear, which receives direct input from the handle, and transmits rotation to the spool. The key to power transmission has also evolved to provide powerful support for improved rotational feeling.
This is the backbone of the HYPER DOUBLE SUPPORT system, which features ball bearings on both ends for superior rotational performance that will take you to new heights.What is noteworthy is the meshing area of the tooth flank, which is the linkage with the drive gear. The material has been redesigned to a high-strength, high-corrosion-resistant grade, and the pinion tooth surface is now fully prepared for saltwater use.
We were able to set up the HYPER DRIVE DIGIGEAR. We have succeeded in creating a dramatic synergy effect.


An engine that produces an exhaust note cannot function at its full potential without a sturdy chassis. The "HYPER ARMED HOUSING" was constructed to reliably accept the new gears of the STEEZ LIMITED SV TW, which has been boosted to an excessive level.
Magnesium is used for the frame and gear side plates, while aluminum is used for the set plates.

This is a state-of-the-art clutch system that prevents sticking due to salt bite and can withstand repeated clutch ON/OFF operations. This is the new mechanism we call the "HYPER TOUGH CLUTCH".
Preventing the clutch from turning over and enabling reliable ON/OFF is a function directly related to durability, which is indispensable for anglers who use the actual machine hard. To further prevent clutch roll, the clutch stroke has been increased by 110%, so there are no more unexpected problems.


UTD is an abbreviation for "Ultimate Tournament Drag," a title given to DAIWA reels that meet the highest standard of drag mechanism, or the ultimate. Drag is a device that mitigates the force the line is subjected to by rotating the spool as needed in response to the strong pull of a fish. The key to this is when the drag starts to work. By reviewing the washer and grease from scratch, we were able to suppress the bite and create a structure that slides out evenly and stably. It is not uncommon for the finger drag to not be able to keep up with the bite when the clutch is turned off unexpectedly. It is important to set the optimum value in advance.

■ Saltwater OK

■ 1000 / 1000L
Gear Ratio: 6.3 : 1
Maximum Drag: 5kg
Weight: 160g
Ball Bearing: 12
Roller Bearing: 1
Line Retreive per Crank: 67cm
Line Capacity: Nylon #14lb-45~90m, #16lb-40~80m

■ 1000H / 1000HL
Gear Ratio: 7.1 : 1
Maximum Drag: 5kg
Weight: 160g
Ball Bearing: 12
Roller Bearing: 1
Line Retreive per Crank: 75cm
Line Capacity: Nylon #14lb-45~90m, #16lb-40~80m