U.S.LINER 150S / 150FS

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Condition: New
Length: 150mm
Weight: 43g (150S) / 58g (150FS)
Type: Sinking

It is based on a jig minnow originally developed for big fish such as striper in the United States. Tune up the weight balance to match this with the Japanese field. The model has been evolved into a model that can handle a wide range of drift falls, medium retrieves, and skipping with a stable fall posture. Furthermore, it is equipped with a 1.4mm thick through stainless steel wire, so it can easily handle unexpected monster sizes. It is designed not only to aim for big fish from the shore, but also for tuna games up to about 50kg. S (sinking) type is silver eye, FS (fast sinking) type is red eye.