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Condition: Unused
Length: 50mm
Weight: 9.3g
Type: Floating

Can you control these peanuts?
A wild action peanut on the verge of rupture.

This peanut is set for super wide action on the verge of collapse. It meanders from side to side and does not swim straight, but when it knocks on the bottom, it is like a crayfish running away. It is equipped with a slightly long lip, which may seem difficult to use in Okapari, but it is set long because it is designed to be used by hitting the bottom hard and imagining a crayfish.

Crayfish color
All lures are lined up in crawfish color. The long lip is designed to hit the bottom of shallow water, without any intention of developing the SR/MR/DR range.

SaqSus Processed Treble #6
Depth of dive approx. 2.0m