Used BALISONG MINNOW 100 F Floating Model

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Condition: Used
Length: 100mm
Weight: 5/8oz
Type: Floating

The BALISONG MINNOW is a technical jerkbait with a variety of features that set it apart from conventional jerkbaits. The well-balanced design emphasizes response on medium to slow retrieves, and a steady retrieve produces a meandering, rolling motion that almost causes the lure to fall over. The bait flutters with strong flashing and has a high fish attracting effect just like the blade of a spinner bait. Once jerked or twitched, the Variable Balancer System (PAT) creates an irregular darting motion that plays with bass.
The tricky darting motion of the lure, up and down, left and right, makes it easy for hesitant bass to bite, and it boasts a high reaction bite inducing ability. The BALISONG MINNOW's unique rolling action and sharp trick action will open up new possibilities for jerk baits.

The internal structure of the 100 size has been completely redesigned, with a variable balancer system and one more weight added to the rear weight.
By moving the weight more to the rear end, it provides a stable flying posture and excellent distance. (Y2016.02)

A minnow that can be thrown around as a search bait, even on a super fast retrieve!

The rolling action that occurs when retrieving the lure is almost overturned by the body shape, which has a large area on the side of the body, and by suppressing wobbling as much as possible to achieve intense flashing.
The lure's automatic meandering trajectory with fluttering and glittering attracts fish and triggers bites. In addition, it has a horizontal posture similar to that of a bait fish. It realistically reproduces the appearance of a small fish running away and shakes the reaction instinct of fish eaters.

Easy and sharp dart! The lure is incredibly light and can be twitched continuously!

Its sharp and tricky action when jerked or twitched stimulates the instincts of bass that are hesitant to bite. The unpredictable darting action in all directions will instantly turn on the bass' aggressiveness and lead to reaction bites. This crisp action of static and dynamic action is especially effective during low water temperature. When searching for an area using a steady retrieve as the basic action, and when passing through a crucial point, the combined action of a series of small twitches and irregular darting with variable balancer action is effective.

Just like Buzz Jet and Rad Scale, the balancer system makes a "buzzing" sound when the lure's posture changes.

The Variable Balancer System (PAT) installed in the BALISONG MINNOW allows the lure to dart up, down, left and right in an irregular manner due to its variable center of gravity.
In addition, when paused, the moving weight moves backward, causing the lure to shift from a horizontal position to a head-up position with a bumpy "jyoro" sound. Furthermore, by manipulating the rod in small increments, the lure repeatedly changes its posture with a bumpy sound while keeping the distance it moves to a minimum, making it possible to capture pin spots that were impossible with conventional jerk baits.

If you feel that a bass that has become a minnow eater is conscious of the surface of the water, you can use the topwater method by stopping the retrieve, letting the fish rise to the surface, and then using a pause and rod action to create the appearance of a dying small fish or a bass scurrying for food.

More than just a byproduct, the BALISONG MINNOW's unique floating action is exclusive to the floating model!

When paused, it emits a bumpy sound and automatically shifts to a downward posture. When paused, it emits a bumpy "jyoro" sound and automatically shifts to a downward posture. It quickly rises to the surface while changing its rising speed and posture.
The image of a small fish swimming towards the water surface. The surface of the water is an absolute barrier that bait fish cannot escape from, and of course bass find it easy to chase down bait. Stopping the reeling and engaging the surface is also a very effective way to attack the fish.
The BALISONG MINNOW has a unique variable speed action that has never been seen in a conventional floating plug, and it takes the floating minnow game to a new level.

HOOK SETTING (SIZE#4 130[F] / 100[F])

The V-shaped belly, which is perfectly aligned with the hook, suppresses the flapping of the hook on the surface, contributing to smoother stillness and improved swimming response.
The V-shaped belly, which is perfectly aligned with the hook, helps to suppress flapping of the hook on the surface, and also helps to improve the response of the lure when standing still and swimming out smoothly. In addition, even though the lure is equipped with a thick oversized hook, it swims even on a slow retrieve when using heavy line, without losing its sharp movement.