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Condition: Unused
Length: 63mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

Basirisky, which has built up a new genre called soft crawler bait,
which overturns the conventional concept of frog, has evolved into a high-response model "Basirisky Hardbelly" with more reliable hooking and sharp crawl action. The hooking response is significantly improved by exposing the hook point regardless of the direction of the hard plate provided on the belly part,
while maintaining the soft landing sound and the soft vibration with a sense of life.
In addition, the good drainage of the hard plate gives the crawl action a quick rise and sharpness, while reducing the penetration of water into the body due to the impact of landing.
"Basirisky Hardbelly", which realizes an exciting surface game,
is effective not only for weed beds and garbage collection,
but also for capturing structures around docks and overhangs in open water.

The hardened plate in the belly section makes it possible for the soft body on the back side to be crushed to expose the hook point, no matter which way the bass bites. In addition, the hardened belly part enhances the drainage performance on the retrieve, contributing to a quicker crawl and more responsive, crisper action than before.


Together with the Hard Belly System, the body shape has been refined. We have pursued a form that efficiently exposes the hook point (the hook is completely held in place under normal conditions). Superior hooking performance and snaglessness that surpasses that of conventional hollow soft plugs in terms of not missing a big fish that gets hit.


The Hard Belly system enables the placement of the air vent holes with emphasis on hooking performance only, in order to reduce the deformation of the body due to impact upon landing on the water and to prevent water from penetrating into the body.
The double air vent holes located at the rear end of the body release air inside the body more quickly than at the time of a bite, and the hooking performance has been dramatically improved.
Water that has entered the body can be easily pushed out by hand.


The center-balanced weight prevents body slippage, which interferes with hooking, and the rear weight, which is molded in one piece with the hook, acts as a hole cap to prevent water infiltration, and delivers outstanding distance.
In addition, the newly adopted Hard Belly Plate System (PAT), with its hardened belly, dramatically increases hooking performance.

Its unique crawling action, which crawls on the surface of the water as if it were a noisy plug, produces a ripple and sound that is unique to BASIRISKY.
The soft material makes it possible for the lure to make a natural landing sound and an unprecedented "plop" sound, which is dramatically effective against big bass.

It shows a frog-like action as if it were walking on its hind legs on the cover. The bait's strong presence and appeal to bass lurking in the depths of cover will lead to strikes from big bass that you have been unable to attract.