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Condition: New
Length: 125mm body
Weight: 25g
Type: Floating

The Blade Hustler is a single swisher that produces bait fish by the three elements of water current wave motion, flashing and sound.
The Colorado blade on the tail increases the appeal of the bait, and the spring-weighted system in the body head makes it possible to attract bass with its lifelike, subtle vibrations.


The shape of the 125mm body minnow.
The prop and the flashing of the blade and the pin spot, which is set to float at an angle, attracts bass to bite with one action.
HOOK size #4


The prop with a boss, which is easy to start moving, catches the water and rotates smoothly even on a slow retrieve.
It creates a prop sound with water current and beautiful ripples.


The Colorado 3.5/Silver is a custom blade that creates a wide and torquey vibration.
On a slow retrieve it wobbles, and on a fast retrieve it occasionally loses its balance due to its torquey rotation, creating a momentary pause for bites.


The spring weight system in the head produces a knocking sound and lifelike vibrations when the weight is shaken during the action.