BULLDOZE 190 Floating Lip Model Y2014 WEB members Limited Color

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Condition: New (but the lure have a scratch by hook)
Length: 190mm
Weight: 5.7oz
Type: Floating

Bluegill Form Big Joint Crankbaits "Bulldoze"

This is the floating lip model of the Bull Shooter, which has been developed in secret to catch monster-class fish.
Developed at the same time as the "Bull Shooter" sinking model, this lure is a must-have item to kill record-breaking monsters with its unique cranking, dead sticking and riser method.


Feather hooks camouflage the hook and imitate fins, which not only fools the cunning monsters that don't like the presence of hooks, but also gives the lure a natural wobble in the slightest of water currents and a high hook-up rate, as the feather hooks are vacuumed up first for a pecking attack.


The impact-resistant polycarbonate lip has a wide coffin shape for improved obstacle avoidance that allows it to swim through floating debris.
The lure grasps the water firmly and produces powerful ripples while maintaining the diving depth.


Made of PVC material, the pectoral fins stick to the body when swimming, and when you stay, the pectoral fins extend out as if the bluegill is hovering. The pectoral fins are also made of PVC, giving a more realistic appearance to the bluegill. The horizontal tail fin on the front hook prevents bluegill from getting entangled in the hook, and also helps to stabilize the angler's posture and give a crisp action.


A menacing sound is emitted from the large stainless steel rattles built into the front body's rattle chamber.


Can be traced from the surface to the 2.0-2.5m range on a cranking straight retrieve The powerful rippling action of the polycarbonate widespread lip and the resounding sound of the rattlesnake make it appealing even in muddy water and rough lakes, and its high obstacle avoidance performance makes it possible to make contact with structure at weed tops and around standing trees, which makes the lure more menacing. It also triggers a byte.


The realistic detailing of the bluegill form and the natural shimmering of the feather hook gives a wonderful effect to the bluegill pecking at the surface of the water with its fins in the air.
The realistic floating posture of the lure is an important factor in dead-sticking to lure cunning monsters lurking in pin spots.
In addition, the riser technique, where the lure is stopped on the retrieve and floated, is faithfully reproduced by the floating motion of the bluegill with its head up at an angle to the surface.