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Condition: Used
Length: 125mm body
Weight: 29.5g
Type: Sinking

Double-prop to call

Water current wave motion, flashing and sound. The "Calling Hustler" is a double-prop bait that imitates baitfish with these three elements.
The body is set in a horizontal position to eliminate the time lag at the initial movement, and the bossed prop, which grips the water and starts to move easily, releases prop sound and flashing from the initial movement to appeal to bass and lead them to bite even with short strokes.
The sinking model has a double prop that creates a complex water wave motion, while the floating surface model creates a splash that creates bite opportunities.

Prop with Boss

The bossed prop, with its reverse rotation setting, has a good start, and even at dead slow speeds, it receives water and rotates smoothly from the initial movement, creating a water current wave, beautiful ripples, flashing, and a prop sound. It also provides moderate resistance to prevent unintentional inertia slide.

3-Hooks Setting

The #5 size 3-hooks setting eliminates missed bites and ensures that the lure will hook up no matter where the bite is located.

Wire Guards

The 0.8mm diameter wire guard not only has a high snagless effect that allows the angler to tightly capture standing trees and laydowns without being rooted, but also allows the angler to set blades to increase the appeal and expand the field of use.


The spring weight system installed in the head creates a knocking sound that strikes the inner wall when the weight is shaken during the action, as well as a lifelike micro-vibration that triggers a bite.