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Condition: New
Length: 145mm
Weight: 1.6oz
Type: Floating

Jointed Real Big Minnow

The "High Sider" has a four-piece jointed body with a flexible action and an automatic fluttering dart, and the body material is made of low-foam resin to reduce buoyancy and maintain balance. It is a completely new jointed big minnow with a weight setting that barely keeps it in balance. When the retrieve speed is changed for just a moment, the lure will flutter to show its flanks, and on the first retrieve, the lure will flutter with an unstable meandering action, and its irregular characteristics will trigger reaction bites with its excellent response to instantly lose its balance and return. In addition, it can be used to catch reflexive bites. Furthermore, even if the reflexive bite is a short bite or a kissing bite, the feather hook that flutters like a tail fin has a high probability of hooking the bass, even those that could not be caught with conventional big baits. The "High Sider" attracts reflexive bites by changing its movement quickly, and it is effective as a reaction bait by stop & go, jerking and fast retrieve.