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Condition: New
Length: 175mm
Weight: 2.5oz
Type: Floating

Deadly Trout Bait

The "Silent Killer" was created based on a different concept from conventional big baits: soft sand with weak waves.
It is a big bait that appeals silently with its soft wave motion and texture that is closer to the real thing and its ultra-realistic silhouette, and can clearly bring bass to bite on a different level.

Water-through duct (PAT.P)
The duct between the hard body and soft shell draws water flow into the body during retrieve and discharges it into the joint. This not only smoothes the action at the joint but also improves water tangling.

Polycarbonate Lip
The lip is made of polycarbonate, which has excellent impact resistance. This not only produces a sharp action but also reduces damage to the lip.