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Condition: Unused
Length: 115mm
Weight: 22g
Type: Slow Sinking

Selective fish go crazy, small and big baits !

The "Slide Swimmer" is based on the concept of weak vibration and soft sound, and its unique construction with a soft shell encasing the core body has a super realistic silhouette, action, and vibration that fools big bass and has been used in a number of successful fishing techniques. The "Slide Swimmer" is a 115mm size lure downsized to the size of baitfish found in any field, and inheriting all the fishing ability of the "Slide Swimmer". The core body has been sublimated to a "hollow ABS resin core," and the sharper and sharper dart action is extremely effective in killing selective big bass that respond to big baits but cannot be followed up with light rigs. It has an unparalleled realistic swimming action. Its unparalleled realistic swimming action is powerful enough to lead even spooked bass in tough small fields to bite without feeling any discomfort, making it highly effective as a search bait for searching a wide area.


The unique construction of the hollow core body made of ABS resin, which shows a sharper and snappier dart action, covered with a realistic soft shell, provides soft waves and texture as close to the real thing as possible, a spring-weight micro-vibe system, etc., and allows color variations to suit the field, such as clear color settings.
A simple weight tuning is possible by inserting a plate weight between the shell and core of the front body.


The spring weight system in the head produces life-like microvibrations when the weight is shaken, and when jerked, the knocking sound of the weight hitting the inner wall triggers bites.


The dampening effect of the soft shell, which protrudes more than the front core body, not only suppresses the noise created by the joints colliding with each other, but also creates a secondary action that pushes the rear body back with elasticity to create livelier waves.


The hooks were selected with a strong awareness of the monster class and boast not only toughness but also outstanding penetration with an extremely smooth surface treatment.

HOOK: #5


The "new Slide Swimmer 115" is highly effective as a follow-up bait for bass that respond to big baits but only chase them. By tracing the "new Slide Swimmer 115" after a short pause rather than tracing the big bait repeatedly, you can lead bass that do not respond even to light rigs to bite.


On slow to medium retrieves, the baitfish meanders from just below the surface to a depth of one meter, realistically reproducing injured and weakened baitfish and baitfish swimming defenselessly in search of food. A wide range of retrieve speeds and rod tip holding angles allow the angler to target a wide range of baitfish. When a bass chases, the retrieve speed can be kept at a constant speed to turn on the bass's attack instincts. In addition, twitching may also lead to bites.


In inlet and river currents, the drift method is effective in controlling the line slug and letting the lure drift with the current.
The realistic silhouette and soft wave action, combined with the joints that change shape as the baitfish is caught by the current, creates the perfect motion of a dying baitfish being swept away and drifting.
This method reproduces the situation where baitfish are most likely to be preyed upon by fish-eaters.