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Condition: New
Length: 175mm
Weight: 2.8oz
Type: Slow Sinking

Weak wave, soft sound concept

The "Slide Swimmer" is a deadly trout bait produced by a completely new manufacturing process based on a concept that differs from all other big baits to date: weak waves and soft sound.

This big bait, covered with a sublimated body material "ABS resin hollow core" and a realistic soft shell, has a unique soft sound and a soft wave action and texture as close to the real thing as possible, and can be used on a straight retrieve to attract baitfish swimming defenselessly or to catch fish. The twitch and jerk action, which responds quickly to rod movement, provides the "pause" that triggers a bite at the right moment, and the lure boasts a high strike rate. The soft shell protruding more than the front core body creates a secondary action by pushing back the rear body with elasticity, and the water-through ducts let in water flow from the face surface, giving the soft shell with a slight bend a unique life-like feeling that quietly appeals to monsters.
The "Slide Swimmer" is neither just realistic nor just soft, but has unique characteristics that only the "Slide Swimmer" can imitate, making the big bait game even more certain.


The "new Slide Swimmer 175" to be shipped after June 2021 will be equipped with a new soft shell with the 250's trouble-free bumper fin. This new soft shell produces a stable action without losing balance even on the fast retrieve, and also enhances the sharpness of the dart.

It also greatly reduces hook entanglement in the body and line, which can easily occur when casting or landing on the water. This is a big advantage in the big bait game, where a miscast can be fatal.


The ABS hollow-core body, which provides a sharper and snappier dart action, allows for clear color settings and the installation of a spring-weighted micro-vibe system. Weights are located on the outside of the front core body and can be easily tuned by removing the soft shell.


The spring weight system mounted on the head produces life-like microvibrations when the weight is shaken, and when jerked, the knocking sound of the weight hitting the inner wall triggers bites.


The dampening effect of the soft shell, which protrudes more than the front core body, not only suppresses the noise caused by the joints colliding with each other, but also creates a secondary action that pushes the rear body back with elasticity, creating a livelier wave action.


The duct between the core body and the soft shell draws water flow into the body on retrieve and discharges it at the joint. The soft shell, which has a slight deflection, creates a unique sense of life.


The hooks were selected with a strong awareness of the monster class, and are not only strong, but also boast outstanding penetration with an extremely smooth surface treatment.
The tin coated finish, similar to the protective color of a baitfish's abdomen, camouflages the hook's presence.

HOOK: 175 #1, 145 #3
SPLIT RING: 175 #4, 145 #3


The meandering action of the baitfish's dizzying, glistening swim realistically reproduces defenseless baitfish and wounded, weakened, dying baitfish, stimulating their feeding and aggressive nature and triggering bites. The rod can be held at different angles and retrieve speeds to cover a wide range.

The lipless model responds quickly to rod manipulation, and its irregular behavior, such as when it invades the angler's territory unintentionally and then runs away in a panic, gives the angler "pause" to induce a bite at the right moment, and it boasts a high strike rate.