SLIDESWIMMER 250 Y2020 Limited Color

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Condition: New
Length: 250mm
Weight: 6.2oz
Type: Slow Sinking

A magnum bait of a dreadnought class that aims at a huge bass.

The "new slide swimmer 250" is a magnum-sized big bait developed only for catching huge fish.
Real wave motion with a composite body of soft shell and ABS hollow core, and a tremendous fish collection power released by a 250 mm large body enables a different dimension monster hunting aimed at the record class inhabiting that water area.
The "new slide swimmer 250" reacts swiftly to the rod operation with slow and fast motions, in addition to the real action that meanders the middle range with a slippery, and induces a reaction bite.
The new standard Big Bait is a time when even 70cmUP is not a dream or illusion, and the extreme demands of hunters who follow it.
Boasting the size and weight of the user's choice, the "new slide swimmer 250" should be the only one who can get a reliable answer in the harsh giant fish hunting that only follows the record size.


Massive 250mm body that creates powerful, lifelike waves.
The impact is tremendous, and even under the condition that even regular size big baits and other lures do not even chase, they exert an amazing fish collecting power that chase like a big bass.


The ABS hollow core body that shows a sharper and sharper dirt action makes it possible to set a clear color and install a spring weight micro vibe system.
The weight is installed outside the front core body, and you can easily perform weight tuning by removing the soft shell.


The spring weight system mounted on the head produces a vibrating micro-vibration when the weight is shaken, and induces a bite with a knock sound that hits the inner wall during jerk.


Troubleless bumper fins that imitate fins while reducing entanglement of hooks on the body and lines.
It is a great advantage in a big bait game where miss casting is fatal, because you can keep casting without stress when you are casting or landing. In addition, by controlling the movement of the hook during retrieval, it also has the effect of increasing the hooking rate.



The insert plate built into the ABS core body is a model that appeals with a vivid reflection that dimly shines through the shell.
The spring weight system is not installed yet, but the front body is equipped with a Φ10mm steel rattle ball.

Hook #1/0, which boasts outstanding penetration with an extremely smooth surface treatment, is selected because it requires fighting with a monster class. Also, the tin coat finish, which is close to the protective color of the abdomen of baitfish, camouflages the presence of hooks.
For a selective bass that dislikes the existence of hooks, if you replace it with a feather hook (# 1/0), you not only deceive monsters who are old and vigilant, but also suck the feathers into the shimmering and thundering bites. It will increase the hookup rate.


The damper effect provided by the soft shell protruding from the front body and core suppresses unnatural noise that occurs when the joints collide with each other, creating a smooth and lively action.


The duct provided between the core body and soft shell captures the water flow inside the body during retrieval and discharges it at the joint. The soft shell with a slight flex creates a unique sense of life.


The realistic meandering action that swims with a slimy look that you can see with straight retrieve realistically reproduces a bait fish that swims unprotected.
As a large baitfish that can ingest a large amount of energy at one time, and as an intruder into the territory, it stimulates the eating and aggression properties of the big bass at the same time and induces a bite.
In addition, the range response unique to the sinking model covers up to 3.0 m from just below the water surface depending on the holding angle of the rod and the retrieve speed. Enables a wide range capture.


The response that reacts swiftly to rod operations such as twitches and jerks is that the bait fish that has invaded defenselessly into the territory notices the existence of the bass, rushes away, and irregular behavior is interwoven and chase big It allows you to create a "pause" between feeding on the bass.
We take pride in the unique ability of the lipless model to induce bite by making full use of rod action in this situation.