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Condition: Used
Length: 130mm body
Weight: 1.7oz
Type: Floating

The single prop on the tail section agitates the water greatly while scattering bubbles and droplets, and the sweet prop sound attracts bass. It is a surface bait that attracts bass with its sweet prop sound.


The single prop, made of elastomer with moderate tensile strength, sticks to the water and produces a sweet prop sound that cannot be produced with hard materials.
The rotation of the single prop creates an eccentric motion, and combined with the range of motion of the double swivel at the joint, it creates a wobbling action that shakes the front body, making it look like a baitfish running away from the water in a panic.
Also, when the bait bites, the lure cracks so as not to interfere with the hooking action, preventing it from being damaged by impact.


All eyes are equipped with a swivel as standard, which contributes to smooth prop rotation and eliminates line sagging.

Line Eye

Bearing swivels greatly reduce the risk of line sagging during casting and action.


The double swivel allows the single prop to rotate stress-free, and the flexible movement range contributes to the wobbling action of the front body. The flexible range of motion also contributes to the wobbling action of the front body and the wobbling action of the tail when paused.

Hook Eye

The front and rear hook eyes are also equipped to improve the hooking rate and greatly reduce the chance of the lure breaking off.
(HOOK size #2)