Realis ROZANTE 63 SP

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Condition: New
Length: 63mm
Weight: 5.0g
Type: Suspend

Shad-type minnows that produce a wide variety of fishing with lines, surfaces, and dots

Realis ROZANTE 63SP is the first product of the Realis special brand "Grade A". 63mm minnow has a voluminous body and is equipped with a magnetic fixed center-of-gravity shifting system, which realizes a different dimension of castability. The 63mm body size minnow can be used with bait fishing tackle without stress. The wave action is not like that of a weak small fish, but more like the "fine pitch" action of a bait fish when chased by a bass and running away. Therefore, even when the lure is just reeled in, it can turn on the predator mode as soon as it enters the bass's sight, and a slow to fast straight retrieve can easily bring in a bite. Also, when twitched, it produces a panic dart action with a small travel distance like a shad, so it can attract bass in a short distance. The line fishing with a straight retrieve, the surface fishing and the dot fishing with a panic dart action will definitely help you in tough land fishing regardless of the season.

Weighting System

Magnetic center-of-gravity shifting weight.
Casting performance that enables use with bait tackle, and stable action response that is not defeated by the current

Wide Lip

The wide lip suppresses the lateral flow when twitching, enabling the lure to move tightly to the targeted structure like a shad in a short distance.