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Condition: New
Length: 57mm
Weight: 4.8g
Type: Suspend

57mm suspending shad with a wave motion greater than its size and a silhouette less than its size

The 57mm suspending shad has a streamlined body with a maximum depth of 2m, which is ideal for shad cranking, and inherits the movement and wave action of the classic suspending minnow, the Realis ROZANTE 63SP. When twitching, it can be used as a reaction shad to get bass to bite in a small area without flying too far. It can also be used for bottom knocking, which is a synonym for shad cranking, and its lip shape, eye position and body balance make it a model that can avoid being snagged more than crankbaits. The body size is 57mm or more, but the silhouette of the lure can be seen from the small face and slender tail, making it a model for modern high-pressure fields.