SPEARHEAD RYUKI 70S / 50S SW Salt Water Limited

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Condition: New
Length: 70mm (70S) / 50mm (50S)
Weight: 9.0g (70S) / 4.5g (50S)
Type: Sinking

RYUKI Salt Water Color Limited Edition!

Semi-long lip and flat, low center of gravity fixed weight design for high swimming performance in strong and fast currents. Quick rise in action and continuous twitching by rod work. By minimizing the height of the lure, the lure prevents the deterioration of casting feeling which is often caused by the increase in body size of flat minnows, and realizes the top level casting performance in its class

Heavy weight sinking minnow "Spearhead Ryuki 50S" whose flat and low center of gravity body produces a crisp action response.
Quick rise in action and quick response to rod work to produce continuous twitching in a short distance. High swimming performance to cope with strong and complicated current.
Eliminates blurring of flight posture when casting and achieves excellent distance and accuracy. Ensuring to shoot through the targeted sweet spot.
Outstanding casting performance and excellent action balance