Unused Tide Minnow Slim 175 SP with DECOY hook

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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 175mm
Weight: 27.6g
Type: Suspend

A salty slim for a swift snatch in the shallow sea !

The Tide Minnow Slim 175 is a legend that needs no introduction. Here we are introducing the all new suspending version, the 175SP. This evil twin will sit quietly in the water until a jerk fires up its enticing moves and gets a bite. The 175SP can be used in many waters but it is at its best suspended in the soothing salinity of the Mediterranean Sea for which it was primarily developed.

Moving Weight

The moving weight consists of large tungsten and steel spheres. A fixed weight resides in the stomach. This weight combination creates a stable flight posture resulting in an outstanding casting distance.

A Three Piece Structure

The lure is manufactured from three separate pieces which are bonded together. This enabled us to use a thinner lip, creating the lure’s special action, while also increasing the strength of the lip.