Used Combat Crank 250

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Condition: Used
Length: 58mm
Weight: 13.7g
Type: Floating

A basic crankbait that promises stable fishing results

The "Combat Crank 250" is a basic crank bait that is easy to use and reliable for anyone to cast, and promises stable fishing results. The tungsten center-of-gravity shifting system is used for the main weight, and the body and lip design reduces air resistance to the utmost limit, realizing an amazing flying distance with a low trajectory even in headwinds. At the same time, its accuracy has been dramatically improved even when casting with light force at short to medium distances. The low center-of-gravity fixed sub-weight system eliminates the poor start-up performance that is often associated with conventional crankbaits equipped with a shifting center-of-gravity weight system. As soon as the retrieve is started, it generates a wave motion that drives bass crazy and effectively appeals from one end of the productive zone to the other. The hexagonal cross-sectional body design enhances color perception and flashing effects, while the natural vivid wobbling action is not overpowering and has a great effect on attracting fish, making big bass swallow it whole. The Combat Crank 250 is a basic crank bait that is easy to use, can be thrown with confidence, and promises consistent fishing results. This is what the Combat Crank 250 is all about.