Used Combat Crank 480

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Condition: Used
Length: 75mm
Weight: 26.0g
Type: Floating

Conquer the deep

Combat Crank 480 boasts an overwhelmingly long casting distance performance that surpasses all others and a retrieve resistance so light that it is hard to believe it is a deep crankbait. When casting, the angler can search deeper than 4m (maximum depth 4.8m with 10lb. line) more widely and efficiently, and when dragging, the angler can search deeper than 8m more extensively. In addition, during the test, we had many bites in the middle of the water as well as secondary irregular action right after the bottom knock, which continued to prove how bass like the essential action of this lure.
The Combat Crank 480 makes deep cranking on big lakes, reservoirs, and rivers, where big bass are hitting in rapid succession, a higher dimension and easier task. Please feel the power that made Kikumoto say, "My confidence has been confirmed.