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Condition: Used
Length: 145mm
Weight: 55.0g
Type: Sinking

Flat side S-shaped system
The real thing

Toshifumi Kikumoto has fully fed back the S-stroke lipless jointed plug know-how he established with the S-Drive.
The flat side body shape, developed based on the motif of tall and flat baitfish such as bluegill and crucian carp, not only strongly appeals to the instinctive habit of bass to eliminate egg-eating bluegill, but also has a strong appeal to largemouth bass that prefer crucian carp and bluegill as bait. The flashing effect and strong push of the flat side of the lure also make it powerful enough to attract bass from long distances and deep in the water. The S-drive has a wider S-shape than the original S-drive, enabling anglers to trace deeper ranges.