Used Justine 95

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Condition: Used
Length: 95.0mm
Weight: 11.0g
Type: Floating

Quick dogwalk and make sure it fish on !

Amazing explosive power hidden in a small, slim body. Inspired by Evergreen USA staff member Justin Carr's request,
Toshifumi Kikumoto created a pencil bait, the Combat Pencil Justine. Justin's request was to bring bass with good eyesight in clear water to bite without being spotted. In particular, it must be able to bring in a fast bite from smallmouth bass without being blown away, and must be able to bring in a hooked fish without fail. Kikumoto has added casting performance and the ability to attract bass to the lure.
Its bite-size body and non-rattling specifications create a natural feel. The short slide width of the action makes it easier to create a quick, high-speed dogwalk action. The quick movement of the bait as it runs around triggers bites and leaves no opportunity for bass to miss the bait.
And to overcome the weakness of small pencil baits, that is,
"bites often but is easily blown away," the amount of weight was designed to be large for the body size. Furthermore, the small body is designed with three hooks. When the lure is stationary,
the 45-degree floating posture ensures a good balance between the three hooks. When in motion, the hooks do not swing sideways or upward due to the low roll setting. This prevents the hook from unexpectedly jumping out of the water and improves the hooking rate.
In addition, the lure flies in a straight and beautiful posture, which reduces pressure by improving both long casting performance and accuracy despite its small body. The balance of the lure's body creates an action that tangles with the water, producing natural splashes, bubbles, and sounds. It also has the ability to attract bass that do not match its body size.
At first glance, it looks like an ordinary small pencil bait, but its potential is impressive. In field tests, it continued to attract not only big American smallmouth bass but also tough Japanese bass.
In addition to its impressive ability to explode on the surface of the water, Justin claims that he catches 95% of the bass that bite on it. With its overwhelming hooking rate, Justin is also ideal for smallmouth and schooling fish boil shooting.

Small slim body

The aerodynamic body form, coupled with a heavier weight setting for the body size, promises amazing flight. In addition, the slide width of the action is shortened to facilitate a quick dogwalk action with a sense of speed, which is a bite-triggering action for small silent baits. At the same time, it is easy for bass to target the bait, and combined with the small slim body that is easy to suck in, it reduces the number of missed bites.

Flat side body design

Despite its small, slim body, it pushes water firmly on its sides for natural appeal. It also suppresses roll, preventing the hook from moving around and increasing the hooking rate. Furthermore, the edge of the lure creates a flickering effect while suppressing roll.

Fixed weight

The weight is increased in relation to the body size. This increases flying distance and makes the lure less likely to be blown away by a violent bite, contributing to an increase in the hooking rate.
The non-rattle silent design does not alarm fish in clear lakes or under high pressure.

3 hooks by Treble Magic

The small slim body with three hooks prevents fish from hooking up to bites. Equipped with Treble Magic, a high-strength treble hook that is easy to hook and hard to be caught.

Floating posture

The 45-degree floating posture produces a lively dogwalk action. The placement of the three hooks is well balanced for bites during the pause, which also improves the hooking rate.