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The secret bait of the top pros finally becomes a reality with its numerous achievements !

Since the introduction of the Chatterbait, the Jackhammer is a bladed jig that strikes at the heart of bladed jigs, created by combining the experience of Morizo Shimizu, who has used bladed jigs in top category tournaments, and the ideas of Mr. Bladed Jig, Brett Hite, who won two consecutive tournaments in the opening round of both the 2014 FLW Tour and Bassmaster Elite Series using bladed jigs.
They were extremely particular about the blade, head, hook, rubber skirt, trailer keeper, and other main parts, and even adjusted the position and size of the blade hole (snapper, head connection) to the nearest tenth of a percent.
The core of the bladed jig is the "clear vibration that resonates in the hand" and the "low-pitched sound of the blade and head colliding" that gave the name "jackhammer" its origin...

The Jackhammer is a super bladed jig with many features, all at a high level. The Jackhammer is a dream super bladed jig that can win you fishing with its overwhelming ease of use.

① Low center of gravity flat head

・By making the front of the head wider and the eye shorter, the blades and head collide with each other and produce a low-pitched sound.
・Low center of gravity = more stable action and faster recovery after darting.
・Flat bottom = Easy skipping.

・The depth of the carving on the gills is also carefully designed to be shallow so that there is no resistance when skipping or falling.
・The groove at the front of the head prevents the blade from falling off due to the opening of the wire.

・oz. indication on the underside of the head.

② Stainless steel blade

The 0.4mm thick stainless steel blade is neither too thick nor too thin. It has enough hardness to prevent the action from fluctuating, and to contribute to the quick rise, strong push, shock waves and sound, while being thin enough to create a crisp action.

③ Heavy wire hook

・Gamakatsu Oceanic Bend hooks have a long throat that transmits hooking power without loss and holds the fish firmly even after hooking.
・Heavy wire for big fish. It can be used for strong use around obstacles.
・Wide gap to secure hooking position even with large and thick trailers.

④ Double wire keepers

Wire keepers with high trailer holding power are placed on top and bottom to further increase holding power. Compared to a single wire, the double wire keeper is more resistant to twists and turns, greatly reducing trailer shifting when using large trailers or cutting weeds. It can be used stress-free without worrying about shifting, and you will never miss a chance to bite.

Brett Hite One Point Advice

The double wire is enough to hold it in place, but we also reinforced the area around the head of the trailer with superglue to eliminate any stress. The adhesive allowance (i.e. the part that holds the skirt down) is secured for this purpose.

⑤ Silicone Rubber Skirt

The silicone rubber skirt is designed for swimming motion, water push and color. The color selection is based on the experience of Shimizu and Brett, who have fished more fields than anyone else.

⑥ Egg Snap

A strong cross-locking snap, Decoy Egg Snap #2, is standard equipment.

1) Effective for bass in tough conditions
Crisp, ultra-high-pitch rolling and wobbling action reminiscent of a wood crank bait with a foundation lip.

2) You can imagine the underwater world from the lure's swimming motion
Through the rod tip, a clear vibration is transmitted to the hand: "Blub-blub ......".

3) Strong appeal to big bass
Strong vibrations cause the blade and head to collide, creating shock waves and sounds.

Jackhammer Sound


4) fatigue-free
A very light retrieve resistance that overturns the common belief that "strong vibration = strong pull resistance"

5) Handling a wide range of situations
It acts well even on a slow retrieve and doesn't jump out even on a fast retrieve.

6) The line can be threaded exactly as you imagined
On a constant retrieve, it swims straight without losing its balance accidentally.

7) You can set them off where you want
Instability coexists in stability. Reacts sensitively to a momentary increase in retrieve speed to produce a momentary darting action.

8) Induces reaction bites
When it hits the bottom or an object, it loses its balance and produces an irregular action for a moment, then quickly recovers and corrects its course.

9) Don't miss the chance to get a bite right after landing on the water and darting
Immediately after landing on the water, it prevents the line from tangling with the braid and quickly and surely grabs the water to start the action. It also recovers quickly after darting.

10) It can pass through courses that normally don't pass
through the scrolls
The flat head shape like a stone thrower bouncing on the surface of the water makes it easy to skipping into the overhang.

11) No stress to fix the misalignment
Double wire keepers hold the trailer in place for larger trailers and rough use.

12) Forced fighting around obstacles is OK !
Heavy wire hooks with a shape that is easy to pierce and hard to break off, so you won't miss the big fish!

Check out the features of 1) to 12) in the action video below.

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Target range by weight
Use different weights for different depths, such as weed tops, to improve your fishing results!
▶ 3/8oz: 0.3 to 1m
▶ 1/2oz: 1 to 2m
▶ 3/4oz: 2 to 3.5m
▶ 1.2oz: 3.5 to 6m
The range will vary depending on the line size, retrieve speed, trailer, etc.