Used Showerblows BIG MAMA

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Condition: Used
Length: 150mm
Weight: 44.5g
Type: Floating

Substandard presence that fuels the fighting instinct of big fish

Showerblows Big Mama, the largest and most appealing of the Showerblows family. It is of course the strongest in the series in its ability to catch big bass. It also has an overwhelming presence in strong winds, waves, and currents that other topwater lures cannot touch.

Unparalleled long casting distance performance
The body shape with a rearward center of gravity and low aerodynamic drag, as well as the largest size and mass in the series, produces a casting distance of another dimension. This enables anglers to approach spots and fish that they could not attack before.

Quick turn response
The outstanding body and weight balance of this lure allows it to respond to rod work with a quick turn response that is unimaginably quick given its enormous size. The overwhelming size and mass of the body can be easily moved as desired.

Intense spit and bubble x Intense rattle sound
The size and mass of the body give off an overwhelming sense of presence, and the body is entangled in the water, producing an intense spit and bubble. In addition, two large rattles produce a powerful rattle sound when the lure swings its head to the left and right. This will ignite the fighting spirit of big fish.

Body Design

The fat-tail body is designed to provide adequate buoyancy for large weights placed in the rear. Despite the rear center of gravity, the body maintains a near-horizontal floating posture, resulting in very good action response and allowing the angler to make quick turns continuously with a small distance to travel.


The inner side pushes the water forward to create a continuous foamy spit. The outer side slaps the water horizontally to the left and right with each shake of the head, moving the water both inside and out throughout the action to keep it appealing.

Flat Side Body

In addition to the pushing of water by the bill, the flat shape of the body pushes water strongly on the sides of the body, creating even greater appeal.

Weight and Rattle

Two large ball weights are placed at the end of the body, which, combined with the low aerodynamic drag of the body design, produces a casting distance of a different dimension. The weight concentrated in the rear part of the lure makes it difficult to be repelled by bass, resulting in a high hooking rate. The tungsten and lead mix rattle sound, which produces a rumbling bass sound favored by big fish, has the appeal of attracting big fish from a wide area.

Treble Magic

Easy to hook and hard to detect. High strength treble hooks and Treble Magic #6 are standard on the front and center of the lure.

Treble Magic Feather

The combination of "Feathers" and "Tinsel", which shimmer naturally with the slightest amount of water flow, attracts fish even when the lure is stopped. In addition, Treble Magic Feather #6 is equipped as standard equipment on the rear of the lure, which helps to increase the hooking rate of the lure when the bite is short.