Used Metal Bait SSM 140

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Condition: Used
Length: 140mm
Weight: 100g
Type: Sinking

In recent years, the anglers who aim at a blue fin tuna with lure (especially minnow) are increasing in number nationally.

In order to capture a blue fin tuna with the sufficient head and sufficient eyes, casting distance of the lure and the sinking posture were considered.

Therefore, this lure (13-14cm) was designed for blue fin tuna capture.

The capture of Bluefin tuna is casting distance of the lure in an adverse wind, and the motion as minnow lures.

This lure is the wonderful motion by cutting a body from  aluminum and the super-heavy metal was embedded on the head, and making a lip.

Since the posture in which this lure falls is parallel to a sea surface, the figure is look like the sardine got damaged and separates from school.

The motion as minnow is rolling action which a tuna likes!

Please play this lure as your trump card of the casting game of a blue fin tuna!