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Condition: New
Length: 63mm
Weight: about 7.3g
Type: Floating

High appeal aggressive crank shad "Ayrton"

Designed to be reeled in with high appeal to shoot bass in the shallow to mid range
The Ayrton 63MR was developed based on the concept of "catching fish by just reeling it in", and its powerful action appeals to bass in the shallow to middle range. The lure is designed to avoid obstacles when reeling it in, so it can boldly attack the bottom and underwater structures with drastic shape changes.
Slender silhouette + powerful action
The Ayrton has a slender shad-like body, but with an action as powerful as a crank bait. Its appeal and easy to bite silhouette will make bass use their mouths, not only when searching a wide area with long casts, but also when fishing at a short distance.

Shimmy Float Action" wobbles and floats when paused
When the lure is paused, it creates a "shimmy float action" that causes the lure to wobble to the surface. By pausing the lure between powerful reeling appeals and making it wobble to the surface, it creates a pause for the lure to bite immediately after reeling.