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Condition: New
Length: 178mm
Weight: 2oz class
Type: Floating

To the destruction of the surface of death !

The Ayujya JOICRAWLER 178 is a jointed crawler bait that can be retrieved at any speed from dead sticking to ultra-fast retrieve.
With its delicate balance setting, wing design and jointed mechanism, it can be retrieved at any speed without losing its posture, and the strong push of the water by the wing, the pleasant metallic sound and water biting sound, the wave motion, and the body appeal by wiggling the jointed mechanism. It appeals to bass in various conditions.

Dead sticking : The jointed part of the lure moves with a slight current of water or wind while the lure is paused to produce a sense of life.

Ultra-slow retrieve : Shows the movement of a weak fish struggling on the surface of the water.

Medium retrieve : Produces fish swimming on the surface of the water without alertness.

Super-fast retrieve : Fish running away from the surface of the water at high speed.