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Used S-CAPER High Sound Model

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Condition: Used
Length: 140mm
Weight: 1-1/16oz
Type: Floating

It's the beginning of another round of terror !

The big body shape and weight balance produces various actions from a big slide action to a small slide action, and the more an angler uses it, the more realistic the slide action becomes. When the lure is twitched with the line slug out, it creates a large skating action, and when it is stopped at a point and used in a stop-and-go motion, it creates a large fluttering action. The S-CAPER is a big pencil that has many different faces depending on how you use it.
You will experience the impact of the Jointed Claw on the water.

High Sound Model
One of the rear weights moves back and forth, producing a heavy, hard sound that appeals to a wide range of fish. The main feature of this lure is that it floats at a shallow angle when the weight is in front and at a near vertical angle when it is behind.
This allows the weight to move in rhythm with the lure when the action is continuously applied, resulting in a large sliding action. In addition, the balance of the body shape and the width of the weight movement naturally creates an irregular natural action in the fifth to seventh action, giving the bass the timing to bite.

Standard Hook: C’ultiva ST-36BC
Front:#2 Rear:#2