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bless 60 F / SS

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Condition: New
Length: 60mm
Weight: 5.5g (F) / 7.0g (SS)
Type: Floating / Slow Sinking

Hi power & Hi appeal !

What I imagined was "Attractive action!" with overwhelming appeal.
"This phrase is often used for appealing lures that attract fish. What we aimed for was a more advanced attraction type high appeal. By twisting the entire shad-shaped, highly buoyant body, the lure flashes and agitates the water, creating a unique action that is truly "Hi power & Hi appeal! This "overwhelming appeal" attracts not only fish in feeding mode, but also fish eaters without being buried in muddy water or large schools of bait fish. The stable flying posture of the body shape and weight balance adjustment enables precise casting to send the lure to pinpoint locations!
Two types of bless are lined up, F (floating) and SS (slow sinking).

The F type has a powerful action from slow to fast retrieve. It works well from the surface to the surface range where it appeals to the fish with its pulling action! The lure's buoyancy makes it appealing through its stop-and-go action. It also has excellent ability to avoid obstacles.

The SS type can be used in different ranges after being sunk by counting down! In addition, when it is dead slow, it can be lured with the action of a sinking pencil while maintaining its range. By changing the retrieve, it is possible to freely produce a high and low bite.

Furthermore, it has a separate lip system that allows the lip to be detached! (powered by taisei)
Compatible with a wide range of lipless modes and customization.
The lip can be removed by pushing in from the side of the lip with your finger.
*Removing the lip can be dangerous, so be sure to remove the hook before doing so !

How to use the lipless mode.
The F type is used as a pencil bait in the range from the surface of the water to the surface, appealing with its ripples.
The SS type can also be used as a sinking pencil by sinking it in the countdown and then targeting different ranges. 

The below movies are bless 100F