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Condition: New
Length: 77mm
Weight: 12g
Type: Suspend

K at the Kowan(harbor), K at the Kawa(river),
K at the Kobasyo(small place), K at the Kabe(wall).
And Kunihiro Hamamoto's K.
Shad plug with magnet gravity center movement system
which Hamamoto Kunihiko produced entirely.

Hamamoto Kunihiko supervising.
The small shad for stop and eat

■ Magnet center of gravity movement that brings distance and fast rise
■ Suspend setting that can direct "during meals"
■ Size compatible with micro bait pattern

The evolved form of the B-ta series that Hamamoto Kunihiko loves, That's K-ta 77 SUSPEND. Exact casting performance required for pin spot shooting, Rising speed. Magnet center of gravity movement system realizes all of it in high dimensional. And by suspending setting drifting in a horizontal posture, you can direct "during meal" at the moment when you stop retrieving and action as Angler 's thought. Port area, small river, boat seabass game etc., seabass seems to be there, So when you want to use your mouth to demonstrate high power.