ALIVE SCREW MINNOW 70 sinking with HIYOKO Prop

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Condition: New
Length: 70mm
Weight: 6g
Type: Sinking

Straight orbit type unsuspecting prop bait

Based on sharp plovers and intense rolled alive chatter,
The Alive Screw Minnow was born out of the exact opposite tuning model of "Static".
Completely removes plover rolls from Alive Chatter, making it natural for pressured bass
In pursuit of appealing performance.
The core part of the Alive Screw Minnow is the chick brand noisy scratch prop.
The unique shaft hole where three round holes overlap is called "shad click"
Produces a metallic scratch sound that bait fish is said to produce during predation.

How to
Downsized model of the Alive Screw Minnow.
It is ideal for small fields such as wild ponds and small mouth bass fishing.
The basic action is just reeling. The straight line trajectory attracts bass without warning.
The Alive's unique "Quick Changer System" allows you to change the range of the lure by adding weight.
By adding weight, you can freely change the range you want to pull.
At first glance, it looks like a natural i-shaped minnow, but in reality, it is a small swimbait that generates powerful fish attracting power and a scratchy sound.
It is a small swimbait that generates powerful fish attracting power and a scratching sound.

Ultra-low center of gravity body like the Alive Chatter.
This makes it easy to cast long or short distances.
The horizontal posture of the lure does not change during retrieve
It is possible to capture the targeted range with little change
It can be used to capture the targeted range.

The center hole of the Hiyoko brand noisy scratch props is specially shaped and designed to produce an irregular metallic sound with each rotation. This produces a scraping sound called a shad click.
This creates a scratching sound called a shad click, which attracts bass not only by the wave action but also by the sound.

Quick Changer Hanger System (PAT/P)
By adding weights here, you can manipulate the specific gravity, range, and speed as you wish, and respond to any situation.